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Immortalize Your

Remember Your Best Friend

A friendship like yours deserves to be commemorated! I’ll create memorable images of your dog, cat, horse or other animal friends.


Celebrate your

Remember Your Best Friend

You’ll always want to remember this special moment in time. A professional photo shoot will reflect who you are... and where you’re going.


Display your

Remember Your Best Friend

Whether your family has two members or far more, I’ll bring out the best in all of you! Commemorate a milestone event or simply capture a moment in time.

Featured Articles

Why doesn’t Moments in Time Studio offer “50% off” deals on Senior Portraits in May?

Because our everyday prices are very competitive, we give you the most for your money all year long.

You don’t need to book your photo session in May to get the best prices from Moments In Time Studio. My regular pricing is comparable to the “special” rates you may have seen elsewhere. Read More »

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“How on earth do you get animals to sit still?”

I hear that question over and over! I have three secrets:

Patience. Patience. And more patience.

I own four cats and a dog, so I know how to handle pets. During a photo session, I follow their lead and don’t get flustered. In fact, pets are a joy to photograph because they completely lack self-consciousness. (Pets never whine about bad hair days.) Read More »

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We Offer Professional Results

“I asked my brother-in-law to take the photos I wanted. Now I’m sorry I didn’t hire Moments in Time!”


Not to put too fine a point on it: If you want “point and shoot” or “shoot and burn” quality photographs, there’s no shortage of amateur photographers who can provide them. But if you hire amateurs, keep in mind that you’ll probably get exactly what you pay for – and, ultimately, you may not be happy with the results. Read More »

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