In looking through my photos, I saw a lot of pictures of my beloved beagle, Sadie, but none of her and me together.  I wanted a picture of “us” and I had seen the advertising for Moments in Time and I got on the internet.  What a beautiful website!  I was very impressed with what I saw so gave Karen Heltzel a call.

The day arrived and I was taken to Karen’s studio that was just a nice and comfortable loft and not a stuffy area.  Sadie, however, ceased to be impressed.  It seems my beagle was not going to cooperate and tried her best to frustrate Karen ~ alas, it was not to be.  When Sadie decided to sit on the pillow and make it a dog bed, Karen worked with her and took the photos from where she sat.  No complaints, no directions; whatever Miss Sadie, aka “The Diva” wanted!

When I received the proofs of the photo shoot, I was stunned!  Karen captured the mischief, the love, the “I’m so bored”, all the attitude Sadie gave her.  She even made me look good!!  What I have now, is the most beautiful collection of “Miss Sadie” that I could ever ask for.  One very special picture of her looks down on me in my home office and melts my heart every time I look into her eyes!

Thank you Karen!

Stacy Ryan and Miss Sadie

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