Moments In Art – Print & Design

Moments In Art is a specialty offshoot of Moments in Time Studio. Karen Heltzel and Rick Blumquist are partners in this new venture, offering a variety of art- and photography-related services.

If you have old photographs you want to preserve, Moments In Art can reproduce them digitally, so future generations can enjoy them. Additionally, we can restore many old photos, so they can be preserved in their original form.

Currently, Rick is working with the Crary Gallery in Warren to digitize the gallery’s collection of Claire Crary’s photographs for archival purposes. Doing so will save this valuable asset from further deterioration.

Likewise, fine art can be digitized and prepared for publication or for digital portfolios.

Recently, Rick and Karen worked with Bradford, PA author Pat Drummond and illustrator Denise Drummond to digitize artwork for publication of their forthcoming children’s book, My Grama’s Garden. The Moments in Art team’s efforts yielded digital artwork that was much truer to the original artwork’s colors than conventional color separation had proven to be.

Moments in Art uses giclée printing on various types of archival paper as well as canvases. Custom combinations of the printing technique with paper or canvas are carefully selected to enhance each specific photograph or work of art.

Notecards and dry erase boards using original artwork can be created.

Children’s artwork can be preserved in custom-made hardcover books which Rick and Karen design.

To learn more about how Moments In Art can work for you, email Rick using the handy form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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